WTF? What the Foot article

What the foot is an article I wrote a few years back and I thought I’d dust it off and share with all my new followers. The foot remains an incredible and fascinating piece of engineering, something the world at large took years to emulate in terms of engineering and today it’s structures are evident in domes, arches, bridges, earthquake buildings. They form the very foundation of the human body, what they do, we do. How they influence us as a whole is only just beginning to be understood. For years we have tried to shackle it, lock it into a fixed position, support it, control it and take movement away from it to stabilise the upper structures of the body. What fools we have been… To understand the foot is to move away from stabilisation, to promote movement and allow the foot to flourish as it was designed to do on the natural surfaces of planet earth. When the foot is given the freedom it craves, it will soften your body, relax the muscles, balance your postural frame and make pain a thing of the past. I entitled this article so because the reaction most people have initially to this type of information is quite simply: WTF?? Please enjoy, share & comment and look out for more articles to come in the weeks and months ahead.
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