Surgery or butchery?

People are in pain. Everywhere. They spend money freely on overcoming their problems without overcoming their problems. They are awarded labels for their condition even though it can be overcome with some open minded consideration of the whole. When a lady falls off her bike and bangs her hip which results in toe pain, has the toe fused (!) which did not work, has a single sesamoid removed (!), which also did not work, has the second sesamoid removed (!) and still doesn’t work before finally being told that there is nothing more to be done… Is this therapy? Or butchery? Will we one day in the future look back in horror at the barbaric approaches we carried out in the 20th and early 21st century? Surely it’s time to evolve as therapists and challenge the therapy industry around you to give hope and solutions to the people who need it most…

People in pain everywhere are desperate for you to do so… currently they struggle around looking for solutions and have seemingly lost all hope. This is not how it was meant to be…


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