AiM 2015 courses and brochure

Our next Finding Centre course is in New York State in Bridgehampton.  Here you will find access to the course brochure and an email contact to to find out more information to inform you further about your expected experience on our courses.

Please access our courses brochure here: AiM Finding Centre 2015 for all courses this year.

Next up – New York City:


  • 15th, 16th & 17th May (Module One)
  • 26th, 27th & 28th June (Module Two)

Location:  Integrated Exercise Therapy (IET), Bridgehampton, NY

If you would like to know more I urge you to get in touch with Chris – – and if you want to speak to me, ask him to push you my way. Failing that, if you would like a deeper insight into my work prior to making any decisions, please visit (or to purchase a copy of my book. It will both serve as an insight and a support manual for when you will finally take the courses.

Anatomy in Motion is a way of reading movement patterns in the body as a way of understanding limitations, pain and problems in your patients and clients. Whether a chiropractor, osteopath, physio or rehabilitation specialist, you will find value in adding this simple (and fun) work to your bag of tricks.

It’s not just about therapy: movement is movement. Movement is exercise, training, coaching, pilates, yoga, running – whatever your game is in the realm of bodywork, correction, massage, rehab or re-education. Anatomy in Motion will add insane value to what you do. How do I know that? It’s one of those courses where you can bring your pain and problems with you, and leave without it. It’s starts with a journey into the human body, how muscles really work in movement, how joints stimulate a muscular reaction, how your mass and your brain (nervous system) should be given higher priority than the parts of your body that pull together to make your movement possible.

Motion is beautifully summed up by your gait and your gait beautifully informs us of patterns in the body that simply don’t add up and yet point a finger to the pain or problem with your patient, client or athlete. Imagine a world where you watch somebody walk and can join the dots to understand a problem, target it with movement, reintroduce new (or are they old?) patterns back in to the ailing human body and have the person walk out pain free…. not just for a day or two but for the long term. Imagine a world where your client, once corrected, stimulates and reinforces the correction with every step they take. Just the repetitive nature of walking along is their homework… This only comes with true integration from head to toe. Not just in the realm of joint patterns, but accompanied by high level functioning of muscular patterns, reinforced by a hardwired nervous system that simply adds value to better movement, less pain and a system organised in such a way that muscle tension and joint compression is limited, if not eliminated.

Our courses take you through the journey of understanding the three dimensional world of gait that is influencing every action you make, every step you take and it’s probable that it creates an environment for each injury you have or have had. Nothing influences gait like the reintroduction of three dimensional patterns and direct communication with the brain of what ‘works’ and what doesn’t.

We take you on a journey from the foot up and create an environment for your experience to build your learning. As a bodyworker of any discipline you will notice an incredible amount of correlation between your discipline and AiM as we seek to discover the nuance of the moving body that contribute to the clinical problems you are faced with daily…  seemingly, all of which are governed by patterns and neurology, the very essence of what we investigate in the AiM Finding Centre course.

I’m grateful to David Weinstock of NKT who wrote the following in the foreword for my book: “What The Foot?…:

“When I was learning Anatomy in Motion with Gary, I realised what a powerful therapeutic modality it truly is. Experiencing the changes in my movement patterns and in my body when Gary artfully manipulated me with his very creative and innovative technique, made me fully appreciate the incredible system that he has created.

Why does a corrective movement system like AiM add value to other therapies?
The beauty of Gary’s work is that it addresses movement dysfunction with the client in the position that is the basis for every activity – their gait. I have never seen anyone breakdown the gait in such incredible detail and relate it to the entire body as Gary has. Gary’s studies of the mechanics of the foot and ankle are impressive, but his creativity with movements to enhance changes to the entire musculoskeletal system is where his brilliance shines. Furthermore, his ability to teach all of this in a clear and concise fashion makes his classes immediately applicable and fun”.

We’re also showing up in the UK, Canada and Australia this year, hopefully Spain late on too. Keep your eyes on the Facebook page, my personal page or here for more information on all of that. Equally send us an email if that has caught your eye.

Remember the brochure for all of the AiM Finding Centre courses is attached at the top of this post – we look forward to hearing from you and more so, look forward to meeting you in 2015.

Remember to email to join us in May.  If you are looking for a website, you may find an out of date website which gives you some idea of what we do. We’ve been working so hard on developing courses and material that the website has been delayed and delayed. If want to visit the old version, it’s here at

Gary  🙂


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